Get up and Goals!

Climate change!

Written by ARCI

Climate change is a topic that affects all human beings, it affects every area of the planet, it is an urgent issue, and it is related to individual and collective behaviour and requires an adequate level of interdisciplinary knowledge.

We have developed a series of lessons, which address various aspects of the climate crisis - from introduction to specific details. The information in the provided materials is objective and confirmed by world scientific organizations. Climate change is a top priority for the European Union and the United Nations, as well as for all nations around the world.

Through the lessons, the students will build an understanding of the scale and specifics of the problem and know what they themselves could do - locally and globally, to solve this important problem for all living beings and humanity.

The lessons are thematically distributed according to the following plan for students aged 11-18 years:

1. Climate change - what is happening and the impact of climate change in our lives today

2. Why is climate change happening? How it affects my life and the life of the planet. What is my vision for the future of the planet?

3. How does climate change affects society? Should we be concerned?

4. Our food and our daily choices, carbon footprint and climate change.

5. Be the generation of change. Your daily choices determine the future of the planet.



  • Age: 11-13, 14-16
  • Global thematics: Climate change
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Language: English