Why it is time to discuss climate change at school?

This question can have many answers. Below we have chosen to present five wide-ranging ones, with which we will try to summarize the main social and didactic motivations behind the choice to address this issue in schools.

  1. Climate change is a global theme: it affects all human beings and many other living species and touches every area of the planet.
  2. Climate change is a phenomenon that involves very high social risks: not dealing with it can lead to serious consequences and perhaps the very disappearance of a large part of humankind.
  3. Climate change is an urgent issue: reducing the margin of risk in the next 10 years is essential to achieve the objective of controlling the phenomenon.
  4. Climate change is a highly interdisciplinary issue: its nature is physical, its causes are economic and historical, its consequences are social and environmental. And the school is the place where all these issues can be tackled.
  5. Climate change is an issue related to individual and collective behaviour and to an adequate level of information: although the behaviour of each of us contributes directly to the evolution of the issue, most people are poorly informed. Educating (school) students and raising community awareness is therefore a matter of urgency.
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