Global Migration

The world as we know it today has been built through the movements of women and men, both in ancient times and in recent times. These displacements are at the root of the constant evolutions of the global societies in which we live, although in recent years the media industry has contributed to a climate of open hostility towards the migration phenomenon. The school, by stimulating a critical reasoning, can help to correct these distortions and indicate more responsible and ethically objective analyzes and sources of information.

Get up and goals! has selected some topics that at school you can't not know.

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Get Up And Goals! contributes to the commitment of the European Union on migration. Watch the video below.


This question can have many answers. The Get up and goals! Project has chosen four fundamental social and didactic reasons to address this issue at school. First of all, it…
The world as we know it today was built through the displacement of women and men who about 70,000 years ago embarked on their journey from Africa to populate Asia…
The Get up and goals! project produced some didactic tools in 12 languages to deal with migrations and other major global issues in daily teaching (a worldwide geo-history manual, a…