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This training package was created by Get Up And Goals! partner ADRA. It is intended for university teachers working with students of pedagogy who want to open topics of climate change, migration,

In the project of Get up And Goals!, ADRA Czech republic is taking the global education into universities, talking about global topics with future teachers – students of pedagogy. This has to come through university professors, who are key actors for us. One of them is Jiří Votava, whom we have interviewed not only about how it is to do

For teachers who look into the topis of inequality, we have a tip to use in your classroom: It is an interactive animation, where you can find out in a very attractive way, that inequality is real, personal, expensive, created and fixable. At the very end,

This is a 95 minutes teaching learning unit on human migration, designated for high school teachers. Students will discover main reasons, effects and possible solutions to migration through interactive methods and human stories both from history and nowadays. Students will understand key migration terms. Students will think about what positive a