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 A team of students from 12 A class of secondary school "Nikola Vaptsarov" in Aytos, Bulgaria and their teacher Ani Stoycheva have developed a project with the motto of the three “R”s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!" The young people are firm: “We have a duty to take care of nature. We just have to learn to practice the thre

The school year 2020- 2021 in Bulgaria began with enthusiasm and Students in Action.

The young people involved in Get Up And Goals! project have been impatient to share their inspiration to change the world and make it a better place.

Teachers and students have organised differ

On the 13th of September 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria the „GET UP AND GOALS!" project has been presented to the general public at a national forum dedicated to GCE and SDGs. The event has been attended by more than 50 teachers, principals of schools and kindergartens, university professors, representatives of the Ministry of Education an

Summer is a time to look for the goodness. The faces of good are all around us and we can see them if we just lift heads up and open our hearts.

As part of the Get Up And Goals project, ARCI - Bulgaria invites students of all ages to join the Face of Goodness initiative. During the summer vacation, look for this person who embodie

The proposed content is aimed at students from 11 to 18 years. The lessons are interdisciplinary and could take place during different school classes. The materials are interactive and presented through games, mental maps, videos, action plans and other activities.

During the classes, students will build an understanding of the character

Неравенството е състояние на неравностойност, примерно по отношение на доходи или богатство. Хора с по-висок доход обикновено имат по-добър достъп до услуги и възможности. Те също така имат

Climate change is a topic that affects all human beings, it affects every area of the planet, it is an urgent issue, and it is related to individual and collective behaviour and requires an adequate level of interdisciplinary knowledge.

We have developed a series of lessons, which address various aspects of the climate crisis - from intr

Климатичните промени са тема, която засяга всички човешки същества, тя засяга всяка област на планетата, тя е спешен въпрос, тя е свързана с индивидуалното и колективното поведение и изискв

Migration is a characteristic of human existence and of our interdependent and interconnected world. The Modern humans first migrated outside Africa and around the world about 120,000 years ago. We are all their heirs.

The educational content in the “Migration” TLU is aimed at students 11 to 18 years of age. The less

More than 300 “pajama gardeners” across the country have joined the initiative to plant and grow herbs, vegetables and plants in urban settings. Thank you all that have embraced the idea and invited the nature into their homes. You can see more information in the video broadcasted in "Before noon" by Bulgarian National Tel
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