Maps to teach and learn Global History

This website features a new section dedicated to geo-history maps, a useful and interactive tool to accompany students in their path towards Global history.

The teaching of Global history finds in geo-history maps a powerful aid tool. That is why our textbook “A global history of humanity” – soon to be released and available for free download on this website – contains a number of such maps designed to apply this educational approach.

Some of these maps are already available for free download on this website and can be used as independent teaching tool. In fact, each map is accompanied by ideas for their use in class or at home. 

Among the subjects of these maps we are happy to mention the relationship between humans and nature (with particular attention to climate change); social organization and inequalities (international and gender); migration processes.

How to use maps in teaching

Our maps can be used as a basis for collective work in class, as individual or group work and also in a distance learning context. 

Each map or series of maps can be used either as an introduction or conclusion of learning units or as a deepening tool to reflect on any subject.

Visit the new section and download your maps for free.