Teaching and learning units

    The Teaching and Learning Units (TLUs) of the project Get up and goals! are published and updated progressively from May 2019 to October 2020, and can be downloaded free of charge in the 12 languages of the countries involved.

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    The TLUs are built by experts and teachers, starting from the resources "Big ideas on global issues" to allow additional teachers to tackle in one or more school subjects the four major themes of the project Get up and goals!: climate change, gender inequalities, international inequalities, global migration.

    Besides this general objective, the TLUs aim to achieve two specific objectives:

    • From a content point of view, they make complexity understandable, breaking it down into evidences, causes, effects, each of which is organised into one or more study phases. Each TLU is built according to a modular architecture, so the teacher can decide to use only some of the phases in which it is divided, without losing the overall approach

    • From a didactic point of view, each TLU proposes a progressive passage from the students' naive knowledge to an expert one. The passage takes place through interactive learning: in each phase, the teacher proposes scientific contents through methods of research, in-depth study, and the students' centrality. A final phase (called "meta-cognition") concludes the Teaching and Learning Units allowing a strengthening of the experience and an awareness of the meaning of the educational path.
Teaching and Learning Units
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