GCE for students

The Get up and goals! project proposes to the students global learning and service learning activities.

Global learning activities aim to develop knowledge and understanding of the world, the ability to grasp global interconnections, to look at it from a plurality of points of view, to connect local facts and mechanisms with global facts and mechanisms, to grasp the relationship between economic, political, social, environmental, cultural and historical dimensions, overcoming the boundaries of individual disciplines.

To achieve these objectives, the project proposes to the classes both a set of Teaching and learning units on four major themes of the present, and a global geo-history textbook that proposes an interconnected vision of world history, free from nationalism and Eurocentrism.

Service learning activities aim to translate the knowledge and skills acquired by students into behaviours aimed at bringing the great themes of the present into the communities in which they live. For this the project Get up and goals! proposes to the students the realization of actions of sensitization towards the local communities, inviting them to think about forms of involvement of great impact (for example Flash mob, street theater ...) also resorting to the support of associations and specialized agencies.


Climate Actions

Climate action

  • Organize an action for the entire municipality to combat water wastage. Give them useful tips and spread them on information posters and flyers.
  • Hand out a shower hourglass to all your schoolmates. This allows everyone to shower for up to five minutes and less water will be used.
  • Call on everyone from your school to leave the car or moped at home for a week and to participate in Cycling Week.
  • Divide students in groups and make a competition (in Youtube or the school website) of videos informing against a social/climate problem to be solved or calling to action (as a short movie in a creative way or just explaining it).
  • Make on the entrance of the school an exhibition with handcrafts showing how a natural environment can change due to the climate change impact (before and after). Another version that they did is to create an exhibition of models of sustainable cities created with recycled materials and explain them in students assemblies or events (in our context they did it in an event organized by the municipality of their city).


Gender Actions (Inequality)

Gender action

  • Organize a promotion with the sale of rainbow laces and encourage your schoolmates to share this on social media with a special #hashtag or memes campaign.
  • Publish your own magazine at school on gender equality: a Girl zine.
  • Do a lipdub with the students and teachers on the school and record it (using as background a song about topics related to the project) for the school site.
  • Prepare a dance with choreography about a song dealing with the promotion of social equalities and perform it in front of all the school on special days/events (Ex. closing ceremony of the course).




Migration actions

Migration acton

  • Organize an exhibition for all parents of your class about the migration backgrounds of the entire class and serve snacks from all countries.
  • Organize a poster campaign for refugees.
  • Organize a competition of humour monologues related to the topic of the project and perform it in front of other students or on public places (Ex. in a theater).





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