Big ideas on global issues

Big ideas on global issues


Introduction to the Big Ideas on:  Climate change, International inequalities, Gender inequalities and Global migrations

  • Complex and often controversial issues are a feature of our 21st Century world.
  • They can be difficult to understand - even for well-informed adults and young people.
  • We hope the following Big Ideas will provide an overview of some of the issues we face as a global community, and help teachers create lessons so that students can understand, reflect on and act to address them.
  • It’s impossible to be comprehensive in such a short summary; however, we have tried to present an objective picture - looking at these themes from a more ‘external‘ perspective and contextualising them in terms of broader ‘human experience’. Despite this, we recognise they are unavoidably a ‘partial’ view.
  • We hope you will find them useful as a tool for planning lessons. We welcome any feedback.
Big ideas on Global migrations

Migration is a feature of human existence and of our interdependent world. Modern humans first migrated out of Africa and across the world from around 120,000 years ago. We are all their descendants.


Big ideas on Gender inequalities

Gender is not the same as sex (biological characteristics of men and women) but is a socially constructed definition of men and women, therefore sex is something we are born with and gender is something we learn. Gender roles are often determined by culture, with both men and women taught appropriate norms and behaviour, reflecting society and relationships, which have been built up over thousands of years.

Big ideas on International inequalities

Inequality is the state of not being equal, for example in terms of income or wealth. People with higher income will usually have better access to services and opportunities. They also have a lower chance of their basic human rights being violated. Whether an individual is born into a wealthy family or wealthy society is a matter of chance. Income inequality can be measured between countries, identifying high-income countries and low-income countries. 

Big ideas on Climate change

Today’s climate change is a long-term, large-scale rise in Earth’s global average temperature, causing shifts in weather patterns. Some models predict rises in global temperature of 4 degrees Celsius by the end of the 21st Century, which could make advanced civilisation unsustainable, lead to a major reduction in the human population, and cause extinction for many other species. The UN aims to keep temperature rise to between 1.5 - 2 degree C. “The Earth’s climate is changing at a rate that has exceeded most scientific forecasts” UNHCR 2018.

Introduzione alle Grandi Idee su: Cambiamenti climatici, Disuguaglianze internazionali, Disuguaglianze di genere e Migrazioni globali.

  • Temi complessi e spesso controversi sono una caratteristica del mondo del XXI secolo. 
  • Questi temi possono essere difficili da comprendere anche per giovani o adulti ben informati.
  • Ci auguriamo che queste Grandi Idee possano offrire una panoramica sui temi che, in quanto comunità globale, dobbiamo affrontare. E ci auguriamo che gli insegnanti possano usarli nelle loro lezioni così che gli studenti li comprendano, riflettano e imparino a trattarli con argomentazioni ponderate.
  • Riuscire ad essere esaustivi in così pochi punti è pressoché impossibile. In ogni caso abbiamo cercato di offrire una fotografia oggettiva, che permetta di guardare i temi da una prospettiva più “esterna” e di contestualizzarli nei termini di una “esperienza umana” a tutto tondo. Nonostante ciò siamo consapevoli che sia difficile sfuggire ad una prospettiva in qualche modo “parziale”.
  • Ci auguriamo che possiate trovare queste Grandi Idee utili per creare le vostre lezioni. E naturalmente siamo a disposizione per qualunque commento in merito.