Visegrad Regional Seminar on Global Development Education (GDE) organised by North South Centre of Council of Europe

The 2nd follow-up meeting of the Visegrad Regional Seminar on Global Development Education (GDE) took place in Budapest on the 23 May 2019, in the Council of Europe Youth Centre.

It was organised by the North-South Centre and was hosted by the Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid (HAND). It counted with the cooperation of other Visegrad partners, the Czech Forum for Development Co-operation - FoRS; the Polish NGDO Platform Grupa Zagranica; and the Slovak NGDO Platform – PMVRO.

The meeting brought together 24 practitioners and decision-makers from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The aim of the meeting was to assess the level of implementation of the recommendations in the field of GDE policy and curricula development, pedagogical support and advocacy that were agreed in Prague and during the first follow-up meeting in Warsaw in May 2018, in accordance also with the Zagreb Congress strategic recommendations.

The Budapest follow-up meeting provided space for exchange on innovative research initiatives and good practices in global education. Each national delegation included participants from different sectors: formal/non-formal education sector, namely researchers from universities; CSO platforms; Ministry of Education (MoE) and/or of Foreign Affairs (MFA); and the national coordinators of the North-South Centre’s Global Education (GE) network.

The one-day event contained different sessions. After the welcome speeches participants reflected in national discussion groups about processes of implementing, promoting and conceptualization of global education in the different Visegrad countries and subsequently shared their insights with the other regional representatives. This session was followed by a keynote speech on the potential impact that research could have on the educational aspects of global social justice and environmental sustainability during everyday practice, policy planning and implementation in global education. The following working sessions gave the opportunity to deepen discussions on specific issues, such as contribution of global education to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); cooperation between universities, research institutes and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), bridging conceptualization and everyday practice; teacher training and continuing professional development and impact measurement in the field of global education.
Concluding the meeting a podium talk was held about the lessons learnt and the potential future of regional and EU level cooperation in global education with special focus given to the North-South Centre’s and Concord HUB 4’s activities. 5.4.

Impact measurement on the field of global education was the part of the regional seminar when „Get up and Goals” project contributed. Györgyi Újszászi, national (Hungarian) coordinator of the EuropeAid project introduced the Self Assesment Tools. It was followed by a discussion. The summary of the discussion is available in the report.

The full report can be downloaded from here:

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