Tuesday, 10 December 2019
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Peer education seminars in the Czech Republic already started

Peer education training is another part of our project. In the Czech Republic, 10 schools will participate in this project with the help of ARPOK.
Now we have successfully completed 3 trainings, how did the trainings go?

"We supported the teachers involved in the project during the one-day seminar in preparing the content of the training for the staff room in their school. They especially appreciated experiences of Alena Grossová from Primary School in Jindřichov and Lenka Zajícová from the Logopedická Elementary School in Ostrava, who discussed with them how they prepared themselves for such training, how they motivated their colleagues and what the training brought to them as a staff." says Lenka Pánková, Project Coordinator (ARPOK).

The first training took place on 31 October at Gymnázium Kojetín, where lecturers Dana Dýmalová and Jana Petruchová introduced their 21 colleagues to the Sustainable Development Goals and motivated them to involve global development education in their lessons.
Further training followed at the Elementary School in Prostějov, E. Valenty (20 November) and at the Elementary School Jindřichov in the Bruntál District (26 November).

All trainings were full of practical tips on how to incorporate global topics into your classroom.

And what were the reactions?

  • "Four hours surprisingly quickly escaped, because it was engaging and interesting."
  • "Great that we could try it ourselves and not just listen to theory."
  • "I especially appreciate the new information and website that I can use as a new resource in teaching."
  • "I appreciate the information about the methodical materials in school, the list of contacts and resources."
  • "I appreciate information, activities, nice presenting teachers."
  • "I especially appreciate the friendly atmosphere of the seminar."


What did the participants appreciate further?

  • new methods for teaching
  • ideas
  • SDG's topic was interesting
  • professionalism of lecturers
  • clarity of interpretation
  • fun activities
  • a fun way of training
  • current information
  • real perspective
  • action

We would like to thank everyone and look forward to further peer education training.

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